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»Press, References, Awards«


For us, the highest form of recognition is when our clients are fully satisfied and recommend us to others. Over the last 14 years we have been constantly working to capacity on new and exciting projects – so our philosophy of doing the best for our clients simple works.

What does the »press« say …

novum – world of graphic design

In a six-page report (here the PDF), »novum« talks to Björn Maser: »The Minimalist website comes along quietly, making careful use of the screen’s space and only revealing what constitutes the core of the office: simple minimalism. If you want to express a pure essence, no matter what media implementation – magazine, book or appearance – you have come to the right place. And although (or precisely because) Chinese culture and language is Björn Maser’s great passion, no Asian pseudo-touch flows into works that do not need it. Only the Asian, reserved aesthetics can be found, the harmonious division of space and the love for typography … no, almost to the single letter! All this is recognizable and extremely pleasant.« (Bettina Schulz – editor-in-chief)

Traversinersteg – Bridge, Süddeutsche Zeitung

»The construction process, which was carried out in complete silence, but which was certainly sensational, has been documented [designed by minimalist] in every detail by a passionate architectural photographer, Wilfried Dechau from Stuttgart, and published in a wonderful, large, gorge-like, bibliophile photo volume«. (Gottfried Knapp)

Traversinersteg, Photo International

»What is a good, outstanding photo book, is occasionally asked. The collector Manfred Heiting gets to the heart of the matter and demands: photographic quality, well-considered layout, beautiful typography, good printing and perfect binding. All this is fulfilled by the present volume [designed by minimalist], whereby ‘good’ is rather understated. Print and binding are excellent. The typography could not be better. The layout is of the highest elegance, with white space playing an important role. Frequently interspersed drawings support the orientation. Not to forget Wilfried Dechau’s photography, which, especially in the steep top or bottom views, ties in directly with the classical avant-garde«. (Hans-Michael Koetzle)

A selection of companies for which we are and were active:

Awards, Commendations

2015 Nominated (Shortlist 7 selected titles) Book Prize »HamburgLesen 2015« for the book »Baakenhafenbrücke Hamburg« by Wilfried Dechau.
2013 »« 10 Notable Design Books of 2013
2007 Selected title »German Photo Book Award 2007« for the book »Seebrücke« by Wilfried Dechau.
2006 Selected title “German Photo Book Award 2006” for the book »Traversiner Steg« by Wilfried Dechau.
2006 »Photobook of the Year« at »Eyes on Books«, for the book »Traversiner Steg« by Wilfried Dechau.

Questions, Interest, Feedback?

No matter if you would like to know how we could implement your project, if you would like our support for your future or existing projects or if you just want to get to know us. You are welcome to contact us without obligation under +49 (0)7031/686671 or by eMail, we would be happy to hear from you.