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»minimalist« is a visionary design studio – we passionately design the analogue and digital content of tomorrow.


Together with you we create new ideas, optimize the results down to the last detail and are only satisfied when you are. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Simplify. Ambiance. Details.

For over 15 years we have been working successfully for national and international companies (China, USA, EU), public institutions, photographers, magazines, galleries and museums, while being true to Dieter Rams’ design principle »less but better«. An essential basis of our work is to always communicate with our customers as equals and to fulfill every task with the right mixture of creativity and the necessary realism. For us, good design is: honest – unobtrusive – understandable – innovative – consistent – emotional.

Our expertise covers in editorial design (book and magazine design), corporate design (logo, graphic design) and, increasingly, user interface design (automotive and mobile devices). The design of our work is characterised by a minimalist approach that we have reinterpreted. We do not understand this to mean a basic simplification, but rather minimalism in terms of the uniqueness of the implementation and the function in detail. We want to show that what of value is, to be seen, discovered and experienced, recognition through an individual design and the resulting thoughtful communication of your identity.

We work solution-oriented and reliably on the implementation of your ideas – from the first concept to the final presentation.

A selection of companies for which we are and were active:



Inspiring since 2005, sustainable since 2010

Since the office was founded in 2005, creativity and aesthetics have been at the heart of "minimalist". But since 2010 I have realized that these two elements must go hand in hand with sustainability and ecological awareness. Since then, I have been doing…

European Architectural Photography Prize 2021

The European Architectural Photography Award 2021 was presented for the 12th time on 16 July. I have been in charge of the exhibition catalogue since 2001 and was responsible for the logo development back then. I had the pleasure of designing the catalogue…

Google Reviews

I am a little proud of the consistently positive feedback from a wide range of industries on the Google page of "minimalist" (highest ratings in all reviews). This motivates me even more to maintain the high level or even exceed the expectations. But…

Hambacher Music Festival Corporate Design

Fortunately, despite the untypical times, I can't complain, I have nice tasks and enjoy the decelerated time, plus I have a fabulous view of the still wintry landscape. Anyway … The last weeks I had the pleasure to work with Ursula Baus from…

Images on

In 1997 I started with photography in the 3rd semester of my studies. First analog with a Nikon FM and a 50mm 1:1,6f lens. We developed the films (mostly ILFORD delta 400 black and white - hammer horn) ourselves and made prints in…


The last weeks have been very intense, not only in the news. The behaviour of our society speaks volumes about our humanity and its abysses. I hope that you is doing well so far and that we will soon have fun together again…

Happy New Year

and (already) again an interesting, exciting and surprising year comes to an end. I would like to thank everyone for the pleasant, great and always exciting cooperation, the wonderful time together and the trust in my work and person. From 22.12 to 5.1.…

IBA LOGbook review at the dbz

I just got the message from Ursula Baus (frei04 publizistik) that the dbz is now also talking about the IBA's LOG Book No1: "Nicely done, at any rate. Graphically demanding but apparently very relaxed." (Benedikt Kraft, dbz) I am very pleased about this…

Questions, Interest, Feedback?

No matter if you would like to know how we could implement your project, if you would like our support for your future or existing projects or if you just want to get to know us. You are welcome to contact us without obligation under +49 (0)7031/686671 or by eMail, we would be happy to hear from you.